Dux Tuition offers HSC English tutoring class programs available for Preliminary and HSC students. Subjects available include HSC Standard English tutoring and HSC Advanced English tutoring. The class programs follow the new syllabus and are flexible, able to be moulded around the student and the texts they are currently studying in school.  We offer classes as well as private tutoring for all subjects.

Students will learn important skills in senior English such as ways of analysing different text mediums (poetry, prose, film, drama, non-fiction, etc.), recognising techniques, forming a cohesive argument, creative writing, and essay writing.  Tutors can give extensive feedback on essay and creative writing drafts, as well as advise on related texts. Students will learn essential skills relating to English including essay writing under exam conditions, efficient time management of assignments and other projects, and the self-discipline to maintain good study habits.

All of our HSC English tutors have excelled in English during their HSC exams and have years of experience teaching the subject. Our tutors are very enthusiastic and familiar with the syllabus outcomes and what standard of work is required by students to excel in English. With so much experience in tutoring English for HSC, we have developed a teaching technique with proven results.

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