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How to Get High Score in Selective School Test

Selective School Test

How to Get High Score in Selective School Test ?

3 Ways to Secure Selective Test Scores


Important Dates:

  • The test is expected to be held on 11 March 2021
  • School assessment scores will be based on achievement on the school curriculum after 25 May 2020
  • Applications for Selective School placement in 2022 is expected starting from 6 October 2020 to 9 November 2020
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Selective School Test 2021 for Year 7

Selective School Test for year 7 is one of the biggest challenges to most primary students in New South Wales.

About 14,000 students were sitting the Selective School Test 2019.  Only about one-third of the total candidates obtained a placement offer for Year 7 in a Selective School the following year.

Only a 30% or less  success rate is a big discouragement to the parents and the young primary students. They are only around 11-years old when they attend the Selective High School Test N.S.W.

How can your child pass the Selective School Test?

To secure an offer from a selective school, you have to obtain at least 220 scores out of the 300 total scores.

The students are required to complete four Selective School Test papers. They include English, Mathematics, General Ability (G.A.) and Writing.

Your Selective School Test results are dependent on both your school results as well as the Selective Test results.

Your school results will contribute 50% of the total mark for English and Mathematics. The other 50% comes from your Selective School Test results.

For General Ability, your score is all based on your result from the Test.

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Ways to Increase the Score in Selective School Test 2021

Make your school result as good as possible

There are a lot of studying activities in school. The students are required to complete a series of classworks, group works, projects, quizzes, tests and examinations. Each of your study activities will be counted into your school marks.
During the Year 5 and early Year 6 school year, you need to achieve your best possible results from all of the school academic activities. As a result, your accumulated scores will have a great benefit to your Selective School Test result.


Writing is always a challenging subject to most primary students.  Other than the insufficient knowledge in words and phrases, primary students may have limited ideas writing topics.

Reading can improve the quality of writing. Reading enhances the students both in vocabulary and phrases used and inspires their ideas in writing. Book reading can also improve their ability to express their thought and sharpen their creative writing style as well.

Practice makes perfect. Regular practicing in writing will no doubt improve results.

General Ability (G.A.)

Primary schools do not provide this subject at school. G.A. is general knowledge in English, Mathmatics and visual patterns.

English questions in G.A. include words meaning, word usage, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, punctuation etc.

Math questions would be some tricky questions testing the students necessary mathematics knowledge. Number patterns are a popular type of questions in G.A.

Visual pattern questions share a small slice in G.A. Students with no exposure to the visual pattern questions will struggle in this subject.  They may be stuck on a question then lose time for the others.

To improve the situation, you can enrol for a tutoring class.  Tutoring centres they arrange tutoring in G.A. which would provide you with the selective school test papers for practice. The tutors will explain how to solve the questions in details.

The school results for English and Mathematics help you to secure your Selective School Test score. Enough Selective school test practicing on G.A. questions will reinforce the score, which engages one-third of total test subjects. You only have to achieve more than 220 scores out of 300 to obtain a placement offer for year 7.  But, your final minimum entry scores required for Selective School placement will depend on your preference in the selection of the Selective Schools.

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