Year 11 – 12 English

In Year 11 – 12 English, class is designed to teach and consolidate students’ senior English skills and knowledge. Through the vary various interesting activities, students will be assisted to develop their literacy and communication skills to help the students for the exams and assessment tasks. In particular, essay writing is especially addressed with students taught approaches to different types of analytical responses.

Year 11-12 Maths

Our Year 11 – 12 Maths course is specially designed to develop skills and knowledge to fulfil HSC objectives and outcomes and to maximize HSC results.

During each lesson students will get: important formulae and principles to help the students to obtain a more secure grasp of Maths; provide examples and worked solutions which are designed to show the student the different ways each type of question can be answered; an extensive range of problem-solving strategies and techniques to maximise their results; Develop self-discipline and maintain efficient study habits.

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