Dux Tuition offers HSC Maths tutoring class programs available for Preliminary and HSC students. Subjects available include General Mathematics tutoring, Mathematics tutoring, Mathematics Extension tutoring, and Mathematics Extension 2 tutoring. The class programs follow the new syllabus and are flexible, able to be moulded around the student or their school’s specifications.  We offer classes as well as private tutoring for all subjects.

At Dux Tuition, we have found through experience and through student feedback that the most effective learning method is through encouraging the student and recognising their achievements. We understand not every student is at the same level or that they learn at the same pace or with the same method, so our tutors will take their time to help them catch up and build confidence in the subject.

During each lesson, students will be taught important formulae and the principles behind them to help students obtain a more secure grasp of the concept and help to concretely understand what they are learning. Tutors will give plenty of examples and worked solutions which are designed to further consolidate understanding of the concept and teach different problem-solving techniques that are typically used in maths and related subjects. Students will also learn essential skills including exam technique, efficient time management, and the self-discipline to maintain good study habits which will be vital skills in further education.

All of our HSC maths tutors have achieved high ATAR results during their HSC exams and are enthusiastic to impart their knowledge to all students. Our tutors are very familiar with the syllabus outcomes required and are highly knowledgeable in the subject content. Our tutors for maths have many years of experience in maths tutoring, allowing for a tried and tested teaching technique and a streamlined and highly effective learning experience. Our tutors speak the same language as the students, and effectively communicate their knowledge and previous experience and the ins and outs of the subject, making them some of the best HSC Maths and HSC Maths Extension tutors in Sydney.

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