Kindergarten to Year 6

Our primary school programs are specially designed for students studying from Kindergarten through to Year 6 to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.

Programs Included

English, Mathematics, Creative Writing and General Ability, O.C. Trial Test, Selective School Trial Test, NAPLAN Trial Test.

In English, students will typically learn the key aspects of grammar, usage, reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

In writing program which is designed to introduce the students to different genres of writing, methods to improve writing technique, structure and syntax of writing.

In the Mathematics Programs cover all aspects of Numeracy, Space, Measurement & Problem Solving. Numerous examples and exercises are given in each lesson. Short test will be given every week in order to improve students speed, accuracy and problem solving skills.

In General Ability Programs, students will be taught logical reasoning skills, lateral thinking, visual and special skills, relationship of letters, relationship of words, analogies, anagrams, deductive thinking and general knowledge etc.

The O.C., Selective School and NAPLAN Trial Test programs has been the source of students success in the O.C. , Selective School and Naplan Tests. This course is unique in that it allows students to attempt the actual exam style questions under exam conditions. The reports generated from the students’ work give detailed information regarding the students’ score. It indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the students so that efforts can be directed to the areas of weakness. Consistent feedback regarding each student ‘s result gives parents more insight into their child’s progress.

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