Dux Tuition offers private tutors in the Burwood area for all students and subjects. We offer primary school level private tutoring, high school level private tutoring, as well as HSC private tutoring.

At Dux Tuition, we understand that students learn in a variety of diverse ways, and that not all students learn the same amount from how they are taught in school. Some students fall behind in class because of this. Other students may be too shy to speak up in class to ask a question, and this may hinder their overall performance over the long term. Other students may feel that the pace of learning in school is too slow, and they want to challenge themselves to excel beyond their peers or ensure entry into a preferred high school or university.

These concerns can be addressed with our private tutors. Students can benefit significantly from the attention and care provided with private tutoring. A private class means a one-on-one lesson, resulting in a class that is tailored to the student’s needs. Instead of speeding through topics in school or other group learning settings, the student can take their time to fully unpack and understand a concept before moving on. More reserved students are put under less pressure by the smaller class size and learn to gain the confidence to ask questions in class when they feel like they are lost. Students who wish to pull ahead can learn more advanced topics earlier and gain an edge on their peers.

Through more than 18 years of teaching experience, we have found that the most effective learning method is through encouraging the student and recognising their achievements. Private tutoring is the most effective way to ensure each student gets the recognition they deserve for their learning, and the personal experience helps significantly in igniting a student’s love of learning. We believe every student can gain a uniquely helpful learning experience from the care and benefits of private tutoring with Dux Tuition.

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