Dux Tuition offers Science tutoring class programs available for high school students from Year 7 to Year 10. The class program is highly comprehensive yet flexible, able to be moulded around the student or their school’s specifications.  We offer classes as well as private tutoring for all subjects.

We have found through experience that the most effective learning method is through encouragement and recognising and rewarding academic achievements. We understand not every student is at the same level or that they learn at the same pace or with the same method, so our tutors will take their time to help students to reinforce their strengths and to help improve upon weaknesses.

Students will be taught important concepts as well as the principles behind them so that they can fully grasp what they are learning. Students can and will be able to relate the concepts they learn back to their day to day life, which is crucial for building an appreciation for science and its applications.

All of our tutors are high achievers in their education, and science in particular, which can be seen in their ATAR results. Our tutors are passionate and very familiar with the syllabus outcomes required and are highly knowledgeable in the subject content. The years of teaching experience from all our tutors means a refined teaching technique and an effective and satisfying learning experience.

Lessons include an abundant amount of material, including diagrams, examples and worked solutions which are designed to further consolidate understanding of the concept and teach different problem-solving techniques that are typically used in science and related subjects. Students will also learn vital skills such as good study habits and time management. good study habits which will be vital skills in further education, meaning that Dux Tuition provides one of the most comprehensive science tutoring courses in Sydney.

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