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Selective School Test – English Test Paper – Type-1 Questions (incl. practice paper download)

The Selective School Test

The Selective School Test has changed from 2021.  The changes cover English / Reading, Mathematics Reasoning and Thinking Skills.  Thinking Skills is a new section which replaces General Ability. We will explain each paper in other articles.

Most students ask “ Is the Selective School Test Hard?” This article is one of the series articles to explain in details the changes in Selective School Test English test paper.

What does Change in General for English Test Paper

Test Duration: The testing time remain the same of 40 minutes.

Number of Question: Total number of English question is reduced to 30.  There were 40 questions in the previous test system.

Type of Question: In the previous system, all English questions are direct-type comprehension. An article was given in which came together with five to six questions.  The students need to find out the answer for those questions from the article given. The new system has four different types of questions.  All of them are 4-options multiply question. This article will explain the first type of questions.

Type-1 English Questions

Type-1 questions have two extracts from books. The content in those two extracts is similar to each other.  Students are required to find out the answer by comparing the two extracts.  Some questions in this type-1 questions ask students to find the answer directly from either one of the extract.

What are the Difficulties of the Test

Because of the similarity of two contents, the students are easy to be confused. In additional to the wording use and the writing style, students may not be able to understand the content straight away.

The English test paper has 30 questions with 40 minutes testing time. In average, the students need to complete one question in 1 min. 20 sec.

Type-1 English questions have eight questions which allows 10 min. 40sec. to complete.  According to the research paper 5 of Understanding the Reading Process issued by Government of South Australia, average rate of reading for Year 5 students is 120 words a minute.

Base on the reading speed, the students require minimum 8 min. 20 sec. to read and understand the two extracts to which they have at least 1000 words in total.   Out of the reading time, a student was required to answer 8 questions in the remaining time of 2 min. 20 sec. This no doubt is a great challenge to each student.

Selective School Test Preparation

How to Win the Test

We suggest few strategies to deal with this English test paper.

  • Read slowly: Although there is limited time to complete the reading, read slowly make sure you get understand the content in one go. You get the idea of the content in the first place so you do not need to repeat read it again.  In addition, you can easily to locate the correct answer with the limited time.
  • Underline the important information: During your reading, underline the important information like what happen, the place, time , persons, event, festival etc. Most of the questions are related to the key information
  • Check the question number again with the answer sheet: Make sure you mark the answer for same question.
  • Leave the no-clue questions later: When you are going through each question, some questions you know the answer straight away. But some you may have doubt or even have no idea about the answer. For those difficult questions, you need to skip them first and come back after to go through all of the questions. This strategy makes sure you have answered the questions you have confidence and you won the marks.
  • Answer ALL questions: Full mark of the English test paper is 100% for 30 questions Each question worth 3.33%.  If you missed 3 questions,  you loss 10 marks.  Therefore, you have to answer ALL questions before the time due. Even you need to guess the answer when you really have no clue. You still have 25% of chances to get it right.  But, of course, this is a last option.

How to Prepare the Test

Practice makes perfect.  Well prepare means enough learning and practice.

You can learn the knowledge through school and tutoring. Doing the Selective School Practice paper is also important. We always recommend students to enrol for the Selective School Test preparation class. By doing the Test paper, the students can reinforce what they have learnt.  They also know how to time manage and implement the above “How to Win” strategies

English Test Practice Paper Download

Dux Tuition provides a Selective School Test practice paper for English question Type-1.

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