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Preparation for
Selective School Test 2022 (New Syllabus)

Selective School Test Tutoring

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Selective School Test 2022 Has Changed

Our New Training Programs Can Help You Well Prepare For The Test

Why Selective Schools​

Selective Schools are government schools.  The students are accepted by the schools on the basis of their academic achievement.

Selective Schools help high performing students to learn and achieve good results.  They provide a study environment for similarly gifted and talented students.

Each year, Selective Schools are at the top of the HSC leader boards, and Selective School students consistently produce some of the highest ATAR results in the N.S.W. As such, there is a strong demand for parents to place their children in selective schools.

Recently, a working paper prepared by the Centre for International Research of Education System (CIRES) find out how selective schools impact the socioeconomic compare with non selective schools.

The report finds out fully selective schools has the highest percentage of high socioeconomic students (89%). In contrast, public schools have the lowest percentage of high socioeconomic students (50.4%).

The higher the socioeconomic produces higher economic and social value.  In return, the students will be reward with higher income.

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Our experience allows us to provide the most stimulating learning environment for our students, allowing each of them to maximize their potential in all subjects.

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The Test

Selective School Test has been changed from 2021.

This changes include Reading, Math and Thinking Skills (replaced G.A)

The Selective School Test is a standardised test.  It is designed to measure a student’s academic ability.  The test ensures the students have the required knowledge and skills to thrive in a selective school.

The test is designed to challenge students and test their knowledge in those subjects.

SectionNumber of QuestionDuration (Min.)Type of Questions
English3040Section 1: Compare similar article extracts
Section 2: Comprehension
Section 3: Cloze sentences
Section 4: Find missing sentences
Math3540Numbers; Space
Weight; Volume
Capacity; Graph
Angles; patterns
Thinking Skills4040An assessment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Question types include:
Pattern; Problem Solving
3D modelling; Pattern
Puzzle; True & False analysis
Writing130Select from few task topics

Chances to Get In

There is about 1 out of 3 students sitting the test can get an offer.

In 2021, about 15,355students in NSW sat the test, and only 4,226 placements were successful. This result reflects there is only 27.5% of the success rate.

There is no fixed minimum entry score. Each year, Selective Schools’ setup their minimum entry score out of 120 (formerly was 300) to establish the cut-off point for successful applicants.

The table below is an example showing the top 10 schools in the selective school ranking in NSW as well as their minimum entry scores for 2019.

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Minimum Entry Score

James Ruse Agricultural High School 250North Sydney Girls High School 226
North Sydney Boys High School 234Girraween High School 225
Baulkham Hills High School 230Normanhurst Boys High School 225
Sydney Boys High School 229Sydney Girls High School 225
Hornsby Girls High School 227Fort Street High School 222

Preparation for the Test

To help students achieve the best possible result in the Selective School Test and get a placement in a selective high school, Dux Tuition provides selective school training classes specifically designed for this

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Reading & Mathematics

These classes focus on reinforcing knowledge and skill for the Reading and mathematics sections of the test as well as familiarising students to the structure and types of questions commonly found in the test.


For writing, the classes help students to improve their writing ability through guidance on structuring their writing and techniques to improve as well as practising different writing styles.

Thinking Skills (replace G.A.)

From 2021 Selective School Year 7 Entry Test, General Ability (G.A.) was replaced by a new subject ‘Thinking Skills’.

The NSW Department of Education has provided a sample test paper. (click here

Dux Tuition finds out that the new test paper will be similar to G.A. paper but more emphasise on individual problem-solving skill and critical thinking.

Mock Test

Dux Tuition provides Mock Test Sessions. The Mock Test for each subject that are structured similar to the actual Selective School Test.

Mock Tests start from Term 3 2021 for the students sitting Selective School Test on 2022.  The Contents of Mock Test papers has been updated to match the new arrangement of the Test.

These Mock Test provides the students with practice under exam conditions. Mock Test can help them to get familiar with what is to be expected during the real test.

Explanation and coaching through common mistakes allow students to have a second chance to learn and strengthen their weakness in preparation for the Selective School Test.

Selective School Test official website: Department of Education NSW

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