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Our purpose is to raise Your Child’s School Performance

Tutoring Sydney

Personalised Learning Programs for Primary and H.School Student

At Dux Tuition, we focus on building confidence through personalised learning that encourages and recognises each student’s achievements. Our programs are designed to help your child maintain their academic lead or unlock their full potential, all within a supportive environment. Discover how we can help your child thrive and keep school stress at bay.

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Dux Tuition - Primary Tutoring

Primary School Tutoring

We give your child the academic attention they deserve

We understand the importance of a nurturing student-teacher relationship in enhancing learning outcomes. At Dux Tuition, our tutors are chosen not only for their exceptional academic qualifications but also for their excellent relational and communication skills. This approach ensures your child receives the supportive and attentive educational experience they deserve

High School Tutoring

Future proof your child

Research indicates that tutoring not only enhances academic performance but also equips students with the skills to excel in diverse learning settings. At Dux Tuition, we do more than just cover the required school content; we teach your child how to learn effectively. This empowers them to adapt and succeed in any academic challenge they may face

Dux Tuition - High School Tutoring
Dux Tuition - HSC Tutoring

HSC Tutoring

Get the academic results you've always wanted

We work closely with our tutors and students to ensure that the student’s needs are being met, week by week. 

We work hard to academically train your child so you don’t have to.

What Parents and Students Say

Our success is reflected in the words of our students and their parents
I have been a student since the start of 2021 and I can see that I have significantly improved in my maths, english, thinking skills and writing! The teachers are very patient and nice and the students are very kind and very easy to make friends with. Also my english teacher (Michael) is a very good teacher and helps me figure out difficult questions. Definitely recommend 👍
Miranda Le
Miranda Le
5. March, 2022.
Great communication. We are very pleased with our Tutor and have found Dux to be leaps and bounds ahead of other Tutoring services we have used. Professional, understanding care about what they do. Thank You Dux Tutoring
Peter & Grace Condello
Peter & Grace Condello
26. December, 2021.
We have been extremely impressed and happy with Dux Tuition. The company is professional and they produce high quality class materials, delivered by high quality trained tutors. The classes are enjoyable whilst targetting the learning needs of the children. Our child looks forward to the classes without being overwhelmed by the homework. We highly recommend Dux Tuition.
Olga Abwi
Olga Abwi
23. November, 2021.

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