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Selective Test 2024

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Selective High School Test

Selective Test for year 7 placement will be arranged on mid March 2023.
There are some changes in the test structure and question types.
The Test includes Reading Comprehension, Math, Thinking Skills and Writing.
Because of the difficulty of the test and high competition, only 1 in 3 of students attended give an offer of placement for Year 7.

Prepare for Selective Test with Online Test

It is always right that practice helps to improve the out come.

Our Online test papers include thousands of question.  The test papers are matching with the new test structure and latest question types.

Each test paper package gives you 15 test papers (5 Reading, 5 Math and 5 Thinking Skills). You can attempt 30 time tests in total.  You can do a test anytime at any where online

Detail test report will be provided after you completed a test.

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