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Selective High School Test 2024

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Why Selective School

Selective Schools are government schools.  The students are accepted by the schools on the basis of their academic achievement.

Selective Schools help high performing students to learn and achieve even better results.  They provide a study environment for similarly gifted and talented students.

Each year, Selective Schools are at the top of the HSC leader boards, and Selective School students consistently produce the highest ATAR results in N.S.W. As such, there is a strong demand for parents to place their children in selective schools.

Recently, a working paper prepared by the Centre for International Research of Education System (CIRES) found out how selective schools impact socioeconomics compared with non selective schools.

The report showed that fully selective schools had the highest percentage of high socioeconomic students (89%). In contrast, public schools had the lowest percentage of high socioeconomic students (50.4%).

Higher socioeconomics produces higher economic and social value.  In return, the students will be rewarded with higher income.

The Selective Test

Selective School Tests has been changed since 2021.

This changes include Reading, Math and Thinking Skills (replacing G.A)

The Selective School Test is a standardised test.  It is designed to measure a student’s academic ability.  The test ensures the students have the required knowledge and skills to thrive in a selective school.

The test is designed to challenge students and test their knowledge in those subjects.

Chances to Get In

About 1 out of 3 students sitting the test can get an offer.

In 2021, about 15,355 students in NSW sat the test, and only 4,226 placements were successful. This means there is only a 27.5% success rate.

There is no fixed minimum entry score. Each year, Selective Schools’ setup their minimum entry score out of 120 (formerly was 300) to establish the cut-off point for successful applicants.

The table below is an example showing the top 10 schools in the selective school ranking in NSW as well as their minimum entry scores for 2021.

Selective School Min. Entry Score (2021)
James Ruse Agricultural H.248N. Sydney Girls H.226
Baulkham Hills H.233Girraween H.225
N. Sydney Boys H.228Normanhurst Boys H.225
Sydney Boys H.229Sydney Girls H.225
Hornsby Girls H.227Fort Street H.222

Preparation for the Test

To help students achieve the best possible result in the Selective School Test and get a placement in a selective high school, Dux Tuition provides selective school training classes specifically designed for this.

Our Reviews

I have been a student since the start of 2021 and I can see that I have significantly improved in my maths, english, thinking skills and writing! The teachers are very patient and nice and the students are very kind and very easy to make friends with. Also my english teacher (Michael) is a very good teacher and helps me figure out difficult questions. Definitely recommend 👍
Miranda Le
Miranda Le
5. March, 2022.
Great communication. We are very pleased with our Tutor and have found Dux to be leaps and bounds ahead of other Tutoring services we have used. Professional, understanding care about what they do. Thank You Dux Tutoring
Peter & Grace Condello
Peter & Grace Condello
26. December, 2021.
We have been extremely impressed and happy with Dux Tuition. The company is professional and they produce high quality class materials, delivered by high quality trained tutors. The classes are enjoyable whilst targetting the learning needs of the children. Our child looks forward to the classes without being overwhelmed by the homework. We highly recommend Dux Tuition.
Olga Abwi
Olga Abwi
23. November, 2021.

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