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Selective School Test – English Test Paper – Type-2, -3 & -4 Questions (incl. practice paper download)

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Selective High School Test

Education Department has re-structured the Selective High School Test from 2021. The changes include name of subjects, duration of test, number of question, type of question and the weighting contributed to you result score out of the 120 total score.

For English Test Paper, there are four different types of English questions.  We have detailed explained the Type-1 Questions in English/ Reading paper. You can find the details Here.

In the article, we will go through the Type-2 to Type-4 questions of English Test Paper in the Selective School Test.

Type-2 English Questions

Students would familiar with the Type-2 English questions. The questions are known as comprehension questions. These type of questions are predominant the previous English test paper in Selective School Test.  In the old English test papers there are all comprehension questions.

The students are given an article which followed by some related questions.  The students need to study and understand the article before they can answer the questions correctively.

There are 6 questions for an article of around 200 words. The article can be a story, an extract for other article or a poem.

Type-3 English Questions

Type-3 questions are a kind of cloze questions. Cloze is a reading comprehension in which some words are missing.  The students are asked to find out the missing words correctively.

In the new structure of Selective School Placement Test for Year 7, the Type-3 questions have more difficulty.

Instead of omitting words, sentences or phrases are omitted from an article.  There are 6 questions in this section.  A bank with 7 sentences/ phrases are given.  Students choose the correct answer from the sentences bank.

Type-4 English Questions

Type-4 question may be the most difficult section in the English test paper.  There are 10 questions in Type-4 question.  Four extracts (A, B, C & D) with similar content are given.  Each extract has about 200 words.

Instead of finding out the answers directly, students are asked to find out in which article is answer located in. Because of similar in contents of the 4 extracts, students can easily be confused and mislead to the wrong answer.

How to Prepare the Test and Win

Well preparation includes a lot of learning, training and practice. Every parent understands that more practices lead to better results.

Education Department always emphasis no extra training is required, but no one disagree practice make prefect.

If you think your kid require more practice, you can buy additional practice paper for he/ she to do.  There are a lot of additional practice paper available from bookstore.

If your kid gets stuck or fall behind on a particular topic or subject at school, extra help from private tutor is suggested. Enrolling your kid with a tutoring centre near you is also an effective way to improve the outcome.  Tutoring centre always has tailor-make program which is taught in a small group of students who they want to improve. Peer affects peer. If your kids be part of them, he/ she has no doubt to be influenced by the atmosphere of learning.

English Test Practice Paper [Free Download]

Dux Tuition provides a Selective School Test practice paper for English question Type-1.

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Selective High School Test

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